OK I just woke up to my bleeping doorbell.. A parcel for me, as normally they are for my beautiful boy Harley Blue..
I run (ok that’s taking it too far ?) into my lounge with my tube like parcel, I wripped off the tape and yes it’s my painting of my boy!!!! Colin Craddock I am so happy and I wanna say thank you so much, I love it.. yes you did get that beautiful but cheeky face.. Can we also remember why I got this wonderful prize.. To help save Dillon who is caught up in the horror that is BSL.. Jean Myers Thank you so very much for your part in all of this and I am right behind your fight to get Dillon back.. Also for Buddy  thank you for organising this wonderful prize with Jean. xxx and for for Dillon ?x?x
Colin asked me to share his website with you all.


Thanks for the revue. Colin